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MTI - Massage Therapy Instructor

MMT - Master Massage Therapist

LMT - Licensed Massage Therapist

Kate (Li-Chu) Nicoletti, MTI#4853

Kate has been a Licensed Therapist since 2005. She received her Master Massage license in 2007 and her Instructor's License in 2008. Kate specializes in deep tissue,sport massage, massage cupping,TMJ massage (also learning from her own TMJ treatment experience),pain management, reflexology, integrating sessions with therapeutic (myoskeletal alignment techniques) and relaxation (Swedish) massage. She believes a good, properly analyzed massage creates a more balanced body, emotionally and physically.... Kate says, "Arkansas Healing Arts has opened new doors in my life. Each time I walk up to greet my client; there is such an excitement in my mind. I continue to learn through the clients' expression of needs and I find it personally rewarding to focus on those individual needs, pain, and discomfort."

Reiko Givens, MTI#4406

Reiko is a Licensed Massage Therapist (MTI #4406). She has been practicing massage since 2004. Reiko believes that when our body is in a relaxed state, it will start to heal itself. "I like to use the Swedish style to relax the client's mind and body, incorporating that with Orthopedic Massage, Positional release, Shiatsu, Sports Massage and Reflexology to reduce their pain, muscle tension and discomfort. I also believe that every client that comes to me, presents me with a challenge to do my very best, to fill their need, while improving myself as a therapist and as a person. My goal is to give all the clients an invigorating and refreshing feeling when they walk out my room.

Connie B. Reed, MTI #3643

Connie is a Massage Therapy Instructor. She is knowledgeable in Swedish,Healing Stone, Raindrop, Hydrotherapy, Prenatal and Chair Massage. Connie has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2003. She also has a Bachelors of Science degree in Dietetics from Quachita Baptist University. Connie state, massage is amazing for relaxing tense muscles.. She devote her full attention to clients, with the use of massage techniques & listening to their verbal comments. She look forward to working with you at Ar Healing Arts for a variety of massage selection or your business office for chair massage. (The massage chair is designed for your comfort. You are fully clothed.) Connie suggest, take time for yourself and receive a massage.

Samern Anderson Turner, MTI #3205

Samern is a Licensed Massage Instructor (MTI#3205). She has been licensed and practicing massage therapy since 2001. She also received her Bachelors of Science degree in Health Education at the University of Central Arkansas in 2002. With several years of experience in Orthopedic Massage, which is the prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunction and chronic pain, she has received referrals from physical therapist, medical doctors and chiropractors alike. She has additional training in Medical Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and basic Swedish Massage. She believes massage therapy promotes preventionary care, body awareness, and longevity.

Drew Pickens, MMT #6644

Drew has been assisting people heal their own bodies through massage therapy since 2007. "The body is a miraculous creation which strives for balance and wellbeing. I enjoy using many different types of massage therapy to assist my clients in achieving this goal".“It is my goal to assess and correct structural and functional imbalance, and to enhance the body’s performance. I am interested in correcting a wide range of client complaints, from life stress to pain and discomfort.”Drew is skilled in Swedish, Hot Stone, Soft Tissue and Myofascial Release, Myoskeletal Alignment, Orthopedic and, LomiLomi techniques, as well as Prenatal, Postpartum, andInfant massage. His personal style is a combination of any and all of these techniques custom designed for the needs of the individual client.

Marcus Summerville, LMT #4402

Marcus brings years of experience to the spa industry. He has been very active in the promotion of Massage Therapy in the State of Arkansas. Volunteer work includes involvement in numerous public events including: Multiple Sclerosis Walk; Paws on the Pavement; Heart Walk and the Little Rock Marathon to name a few. His training background is built on the foundation of Swedish massage, but extends deeply into Cranial-Sacral; Deep Tissue; Sports Massage and other pain management modalities. Marcus is known to incorporate table massage along with chair massage and client Active Resistance techniques to create a massage experience to remember. Areas of study and training include: Basic Swedish; Sports Massage; Cranial-Sacral; Chair Massage; Stone Massage; Reflexology; and Rain Drop Therapy and CORE training.

Valerie Dunn

Valerie will be celebrating 30 years as a licensed massage therapist next year. Her clients say she has "The Goldilocks Touch," not too hard, not too soft, but just right. She appreciate Arkansas Healing Arts and Wellness and owners Kate, Connie, and Reiko because as she says" we have harmonious philosophies" meaning, we treat people as we wish to be treated. We believe in giving our clients their full measure of time and intention. Valerie is an intuitive massage therapist who combines music with various therapeutic techniques, such as, Swedish, Shiatsu, Lomi Lomi, Deep Muscle Therapy and more. A great massage has the power to transport you to realms of relaxation, so for your musical massage excursion book your trip with Valerie today.

K. McLees Baldwin #7866

Mclees became a licensed therapist in 2013, but her interest in massage goes back at least 30 years. In the years before getting her license, she worked as a jeweler and was a regular recipient of massage for frequent neck and shoulder tension. Perhaps for that reason, she has a particular affinity for working on the neck. It took her many years to finally go to school to get her massage license.  Mclees loves helping others to feel better and be more in tune with their bodies. Her training so far is in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Myofascial Release, but she always looking to learn new methods and techniques to better serve the needs of her clients.

Michele Moore #7645