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Our Massage Therapists Offer Quality Services at Reasonable Prices.

They work with your unique situation using a variety of therapies designed to make your experience memorable.


MTI – Massage Therapy Instructor
MMT – Master Massage Therapist
LMT – Licensed Massage Therapist

Reiko Givens


Reiko is a Licensed Massage Therapist (MTI #4406). She has been practicing massage since 2004. Reiko believes that when our body is in a relaxed state, it will start to heal itself. “I like to use the Swedish style to relax the client’s mind and body, incorporating that with Orthopedic Massage, Positional release, Shiatsu, Sports Massage and Reflexology to reduce their pain, muscle tension and discomfort. I also believe that every client that comes to me, presents me with a challenge to do my very best, to fill their need, while improving myself as a therapist and as a person. My goal is to give all the clients an invigorating and refreshing feeling when they walk out my room.


Connie B. Reed

MTI #3643

Connie is a Massage Therapy Instructor. She is knowledgeable in Swedish,Healing Stone, Raindrop, Hydrotherapy, Prenatal and Chair Massage. Connie has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2003. She also has a Bachelors of Science degree in Dietetics from Quachita Baptist University. Connie state, massage is amazing for relaxing tense muscles.. She devote her full attention to clients, with the use of massage techniques & listening to their verbal comments. She look forward to working with you at Ar Healing Arts for a variety of massage selection or your business office for chair massage. (The massage chair is designed for your comfort. You are fully clothed.) Connie suggest, take time for yourself and receive a massage.


Samern Anderson Turner

MTI #3205

Samern is a Licensed Massage Instructor (MTI#3205). She has been licensed and practicing massage therapy since 2001. She also received her Bachelors of Science degree in Health Education at the University of Central Arkansas in 2002. With several years of experience in Orthopedic Massage, which is the prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunction and chronic pain, she has received referrals from physical therapist, medical doctors and chiropractors alike. She has additional training in Medical Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and basic Swedish Massage. She believes massage therapy promotes preventionary care, body awareness, and longevity.


Drew Pickens

MMT #6644

Drew has been assisting people heal their own bodies through massage therapy since 2007. “The body is a miraculous creation which strives for balance and wellbeing. I enjoy using many different types of massage therapy to assist my clients in achieving this goal”.“It is my goal to assess and correct structural and functional imbalance, and to enhance the body’s performance. I am interested in correcting a wide range of client complaints, from life stress to pain and discomfort.”Drew is skilled in Swedish, Hot Stone, Soft Tissue and Myofascial Release, Myoskeletal Alignment, Orthopedic and, LomiLomi techniques, as well as Prenatal, Postpartum, andInfant massage. His personal style is a combination of any and all of these techniques custom designed for the needs of the individual client.

Joshua Wyatt

LMT #8676

Joshua is a licensed Massage Therapist that went to school at the Massage Institute of Memphis in 2017. He practiced bodywork at Good Will Massage in Fayetteville for a year, before moving back home in the summer of 2019 to be closer to his family. He is versed in Deep Tissue, Therapeutic Work, Trigger Point Release, and Sports Massage as well as Relaxing and Swedish Massage. His main priority is fulfilling his clients needs in any way possible. He has this to say about the art of massage: “You can have the fanciest oils, the most high tech tools, the most comfortable table, but when it comes down to it, a good massage is just magic, straight from the heart to the hands”

Leah Parsons

LMT #8683

Leah Parsons is an Arkansas native, born and raised in Sheridan, Arkansas. In 2017 she earned her massage license from Blue Cliff College in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She is trained in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone, and Pre-Natal. She is always seeking to expand her knowledge of this therapy and has many goals to continue her education! Her massage method of choice is to “co-create” the massage experience with direct communication of the clients needs, including their choice of pressure and technique as well as oil and music to get the necessary ambiance for their own personal healing to occur. Leah’s passions include holistic health, spiritual living, travel, nature, simplicity, family, and being of service.

Courtney Kuykendall

LMT #8415

Analiza Hodge

LMT #4943

Analiza Hodge has been a Massage Therapist since 2006. She has been a full time massage therapist
For 12 years. And also a License Cosmetologist since 2005. She was trained at Arthur’s Beauty College. She’s knowledgeable in manicures and pedicures,Full Body waxing and Basic Facials. She
Has trained in Swedish Massage, Hot Stone, Pre-Natal Massage and Rain Drop Therapy. And she was trained at Arkansas Healing Arts School of Massage where she learned Body flow which is based
On the belief that the healing power of sacred touch is invaluable to our fast-paced society. This type
Of body work offers nurturing touch, authentic presence and intention to engage the whole person into
Deeper level of relaxation. She is passionate about the positive effects of therapy on the body and mind. Assist in the relief of migraines and tension-related headaches or help you forget about life stresses for an hour with a relaxation focused treatment. She encourages everyone to try massage
Therapy at least once, so they can decide if it’s something that can help them become healthier and
A positive addition to their regular self-care.


Ally DeAscentis

LMT #7645

Ally DeAscentis has been a licensed massage therapist since 2011. Ally attended Heritage College in 2010 and graduated in 2011. She has been a full time therapist for the last 7 years. Ally is knowledgeable in orthopedic, trigger point, sports, deep tissue, pain relief, relaxation techniques, and prenatal massage. She uses these modalities to help relieve discomforts of physical and emotional stresses. Here is one of her favorite quotes:
“Massage is much more than working muscles, I integrate modalities, and listen to your body. Give me a chance to help you heal yourself. Your body and soul contains all the wisdom necessary. I just facilitate the action. ” – anonymous